A quick look back at 2020

Congratulations to Jo Robrechts, Executive Chairman of Triamant and CEO-CF member, on the announcement that the company exceeds 100 million euros mark in healthcare property investments.

Integrale, Common Insurance Fund, is investing heavily in the Triamant Aunove project, a proposed new residential care housing project in Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, a part of the municipality of Zottegem. The site appears as a model for future residential care constructions in Europe. The operation will be further developed by living and care innovator Triamant.
Integrale invested approximately 28.5 million euros in the housing and lifestyle project in Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, a longlease contract with a fixed return of 5.25 %. With this agreement, Triamant exceeds the 100 million euros mark in financial commitments by investors in its formula that is unique in Flanders.

Follow this link and see the full press release.



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