What they can’t teach you at business school

WHAT is nextGen? 

nextGen is the space for ambitious up and coming leaders and entrepreneurs to grow professionally and personally. Be challenged, receive and offer peer advice, share your knowledge and create relationships.

Get support for your business challenges via a proven process – the CEO Challenge methodology. 

  • collaboration for up and coming leaders
  • a competition-free environment
  • experience & knowledge sharing
  • proven processes 

WHY choose nextGen?

nextGen CF establishes more than connections – you build trust and honest relationships. Investing in your leadership development helps you avoid mistakes and reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

The programme is environmental and cost-sensitive.

  • More than networking – real-life relationships 
  • Nourish your intellect and leadership capabilities
  • Cherish your peer trust, invest in your business and personal development
  • Flourish as a person and as a leader, enhance your social impact

HOW do we do it?

With the support of your nextGen Trust Group, its chair and coaches, you will prepare, present and receive and offer peer feedback on real life business challenges, develop strong relationships and broaden your knowledge.



We would like to invite first time entrepreneurs

  • eager to develop their leadership skills
  • ambitious to grow professionally and personally
  • wanting to share their issues with peers through real life cases and experience sharing


1 Year Programme:

  • Monthly calls with coached business challenges or content
  • Meet your Trust Group: a nextGen collaboration day in person
  • Meet 50+ senior European leaders at a CEO CF Summit

215€/month* (+VAT)

*For an engagement of 12 months. 215€/month (+VAT) excl. travel and accommodation. incl. 1+2 days meeting, 11 online meet-ups, CEO Challenge presentations, coaching/mentoring