CEO Collaborative Forum is not a corporate club, a think-thank or a networking association. We leave behind the world of sales pitches, business buzzwords and lengthy speeches.   

Instead, you join a carefully selected trust group of active CEOs who answer your company’s most urgent challenges.

 Stay ahead of the game! 

ceo challenge

Open-up to get the most out of CEO-CF’s collective intelligence. Come with a challenge, leave with an actionable plan. 


You will always find someone with the experience you need in our international, cross-industry community.


Exclusive members events throughout Europe to share, learn and forge lifelong relationships.


Your CEO-CF life on your phone – challenge documents, knowledge base… Direct messaging with fellow members.


Interactive thought provoking workshops and keynotes on trending business topics with real impact. 


24/7 connections with your Trust Group and the community for continued sharing, learning and growing. 

discovery days

Open events around Europe to reconnect and expand your network in a new business scene. 

Members & Alumni insights…

I know there are many topics I can’t share with my investors, my board or SMTs and I didn’t find any topic I could not share with CEO-CF. 

Sam Guilaume

Aryballe Technologies 

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, if you are an intrapreneur and want to become an entrepreneur, then that is the right place to be.

Polo Looser


Being a CEO can be fairly easy but live it up to success is a very rocky way. You need people who have done it. 

Montserrat Corominas

Intergroup Partners

CEO-CF & my particular group give me the platform to learn things about myself, reflect, come to a resolution and move on.

Joe Booth

Altus Group

While I fretted about my next career step, the discussion of my challenge during an event helped tremendously to weigh up all options. 

Tobias Kaulfuss

citadelle systems

CEO-CF is where you can confide your professional fears, hopes, dreams, aspirations to calibrate yourself. Your peers become your battle-buddies.

Deep Parekh


This is a community that will challenge you, that will make you think harder, faster, smarter.                    

Tony Wood