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Unlock the power of global collaboration with CEO CF! Join our exclusive pan-European network of 300+ CEOs and leaders from 30+ countries.

CEO CF is the Forum for Collaborative Leadership where selected Leaders: 

  • Develop trustful relationships through collaboration.
  • Share, receive, reflect & act on insightful matters with external impact.
  • Learn from the experience of others in every phase of their professional life.
  • Develop themselves to achieve excellence and become respected leaders in the society and their organisations.

The following highlights of CEO CF are our focus on : Trust, Excellence, Diversity & Respect, Generosity & Humility

Elevate your business to new heights with CEO CF

The ultimate destination for visionary leaders. Join our exclusive community and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success. Discover a network of like-minded CEOs, connect with industry pioneers, and gain valuable insights to propel your business forward. CEO CF is where your businesses thrive.

Stay ahead of the game!


Come with a challenge, leave with an actionable plan. 


You will always find someone with the experience you need in our international, cross-industry community.


Diversity in age, culture & background brings a huge bandwidth of experiences supporting each other to always be a step ahead.


Exclusive Members Events throughout Europe to share, learn and forge lifelong relationships.


Interactive thought provoking workshops & keynotes with real impact. 


Monthly calls, WhatsApp groups for our Trust Groups for continued sharing, learning and growing. 


Source a solution from members & alumni network such as finding a new key person for your SMT, identifying a specific investor…

Members & Alumni testimonials

Sam Guilaume

I know there are many topics I can’t share with my investors, my board or SMTs and I didn’t find any topic I could not share with CEO CF. 

Montserrat Corominas

Being a CEO can be fairly easy but live it up to success is a very rocky way. You need people who have done it. 

Joe Booth

CEO CF & my particular group give me the platform to learn things about myself, reflect, come to a resolution and move on.

Deep Parekh

You can confide your professional fears, hopes, dreams, aspirations to calibrate yourself. Your peers become your battle-buddies.

Tobias Kaulfuss

While I fretted about my next career step, the discussion of my challenge during an event helped tremendously to weigh up all options. 

CEO CF Community

CEO CF is unique being a Pan-European membership. It has a diverse range of ages, fields, cultures, and backgrounds providing a vast array of experiences where we help each other to constantly stay one step ahead.