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CEO Collaborative Forum was launched in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Dave Darsch to connect international CEOs who faced similar challenges, and to give them the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.

The Forum rapidly became Europe’s top platform for business leadership growth. Now run by former CEO-CF member Christian Dupont, the forum community continues to support CEOs in taking their companies to the next level.

Our vision

As we progress in the digital age, a key to success is to develop deep human interactions with trusted knowledgable individuals. CEO Collaborative Forum community is the place where CEOs regroup to pause and reflect about key challenges breaking out of their CEO loneliness.

Our mission

The CEO Collaborative Forum empowers company leaders to think bigger and go further. We are dedicated to build solutions to real business cases and get our CEO members to achieve their ambitious plans.

Core Values

The CEO Collaborative Forum is built around exchanging real, actionable knowledge to help members achieve their ambitious plans. Our core values are Honesty, Generosity, Humility.

No more than 100 CEOs


Create more value every time


Share true, direct advice


Be real – full stop


Fly to collaborate and be committed to your peers


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Little Venice Partners

Little Venice Partners help CEOs and owners build the right corporate development solutions. Founded by an investor and an entrepreneur, they work closely to navigate CEOs through to a successful transaction. Experience with Private Equity and Venture Capital; with leveraged buyouts and debt finance, over many decades of transaction experience in different countries and sectors.


As the premier organization for chief executives in Northern California, the Alliance of Chief Executives brings leaders together so collectively they learn faster, gain fresh insights and ideas, and become more effective leaders. Our members lead companies in virtually every industry and market sector, from emerging companies to multi-billion dollar global public enterprises. https://www.allianceofceos.com


TechTour was Founded in 1998, it is an independent organisation committed to the development of emerging technology companies in Europe. TT is Composed of key contributors to the high-tech industry and recognising the extraordinary competence,entrepreneurship and dynamism that can be found throughout the European hi-tech industry. And it aims to create synergies between, a selection of European start-up companies wishing to develop on the international level and a network of leading figures from the world of high technology.


EPFL is one of the world’s most dynamic and reputed institutes of science and technology. In the heart of Europe, it offers a combination of excitement, excellence, inspiring education, and outstanding facilities for research.

Quatuor Annesci

Building on a long professional experience of “how to work in a team”, the Annesci Quartet introduced in 1997 an unexpected approach to their management using the musical metaphor as a communication tool.By the experience of “working better together” , following the same main goal which is their collective performance, the Quartet become a leverage of thought, creating action and creation, upgrading the individuals capacities, generating changes and improving internal relations within companies

Lorange Network

The Lorange Network is a fully digital learning and deal sharing community for business owners, entrepreneurial families and larger private investors. Members obtain inspiring, succinct and relevant insights from one another and share high conviction co-investment opportunities. For more information or to apply for membership, please visit their website: www.lorangenetwork.com


Learninghubz curation services and tools bring to your entire organization the most engaging and updated online-video training on productivity, management and business skills from business schools, authors and experts, in a fully customizable corporate learning center

Diana Bagnoli Photographer

Diana Bagnoli is an Italian freelance photographer. She recently won the Grand-prize award in the 2017 Rangefinder’s Best Friends Contest, the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Award and the PDN award along with the Photo Annual 2016, in the category Personal Work with her series “Special Friendship”. Discover her work : https://www.dianabagnoli.com/ info@dianabagnoli.com +39 339 7833923

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