A quick look back at 2020

Last meeting of the year in sunny London (well almost)…50 members and guests gathered in the same place, more than 15 challenges, 7 issues… and we are still alive!

Ortus welcomed us in their new design center in London where we could exchange about business, network, participate in collaborative activities and drink coffee 🙂 Making it fun but keeping it serious at the same time. But at CEO-CF we are not just a community, we push our members to go deeper with their professional and personal challenges; no shame, no pain… but results!

This meeting’s theme was Dive into the Deep End… As Tony, one of our members says, “sometimes you have to jump into the deep end knowing that if it fails you are ruined. You owe it to yourself to give it your all, otherwise you will never know what you are capable of”. Whether you win or you fail, you will find support in the community. Open minds and honest feedback are the keys to going further. You will always get back home with new insights on your business – given by your peers.

Thank you to the Quartet for their wonderful performance and improving the quality of our experience. Also to Marc Rouanne, CIO/COO Nokia for sharing his outcome regarding the new decision taken for the company.

We are very much looking forward to convening our entire membership at the Community Spring Meeting in March! Date and location to be released soon.

If you want to discover our unique methodology and get to know our community, please contact us at stephanie.dargenlieu@ceo-cf.com.


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