Our team

Who are the real people behind CEO CF? A team of Pan European, diverse Success Engineers working towards the same goal : Making CEO CF a unique Collaborative Membership Forum! 

Tony wood
stephanie d’ARGENLIEU

Community Lead | London, UK

“Inspiring Leaders by enhancing the skills they need to succeed” 

Head of Membership | Vienna, Austria

“The true heart of CEO CF”

Head of Operations | Lyon, France

“Event & Marketing aficionado living between project management, checklists, Notion…”

What is our history?

Launched in 2005 by serial entrepreneur Dave Darsch to connect international CEOs who faced similar challenges, and to give them the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. The Forum rapidly became Europe’s top platform for business leadership growth.

Now led by CEO CF member Tony Wood, the forum community continues to support CEOs in taking their companies to the next level.

The vision of the company is that CEO CF Ltd. is “A forum inspiring business leaders to create a greater impact on their companies and our society.”

CEO CF is be the Forum for Collaborative Leadership where selected Leaders:

  • Develop trustful relationships through collaboration.
  • Share, receive, reflect & act on insightful matters with external impact.
  • Learn from the experience of others in every phase of their professional life. 
  • Develop themselves to achieve excellence and become respected leaders in the society.

The following highlights of CEO CF are our focus on : Trust, Excellence, Diversity & Respect, Generosity & Humility