collective intelligence

The core of our problem-solving methodology is the CEO-Challenge. When you open-up and explain your real, pressing challenges to your trust group, you get a few hundred years of combined CEO wisdom – focused only on your challenge. Each stage of the CEO-Challenge is specially designed to make sure you go away with invigorating feedback, a structured action plan, and renewed energy, ideas and contacts.

There is nothing more powerful than a room full of fellow leaders.
The CEO-Challenge harnesses that power, to fuel your new business strategies, innovations and growth.

engaged networking

Our CEOs don’t stop – and neither do we. CEO Collaborative Forum is an always-on hub of support, contacts and growth. Our members connect with our community all year round, through various platforms. 

3 member-only events a year in high-growth European cities to problem-solve, make crucial contacts and forge lifelong connections.

Members have access to 250+ of the most powerful business leaders in Europe. International, cross-industry community means there’s always someone with the experience you need.

CEO-CF’s community is also there for the everyday stuff. CEOs share news, business tips and fun through our LinkedIn page and the CEO-CF Application. 


Our members are committed to learning and growing all year round– and we are delighted to give them opportunities.

Interactive, engaging content sessions are built into all of our events. Domain experts run thought-provoking workshops on trending business topics with real impact.

Our CEOs learn from the best. We invite major business names – leaders from Shazam, Nokia, LVP, Kemp Little – to share their stories with our members.

Exploring new spaces is key to learn and grow. We open up our community by running open events in cities around Europe. Discovery Days are an ideal way for members to reconnect, explore the local business scene, expand their network – and are a unique way to problem solve problems with different entrepreneurs & CEOs.