Confidentiality : Our forum is built on a foundation of trust that requires the utmost sensitivity when it comes to maintaining confidentiality during our meetings. Our members are able to discuss sensitive business and personal issues because they know they are in a confidential environment. Therefore, members and other meeting delegates agree to keep confidential all information discussed or disclosed during the meeting sessions and offline discussions.

No selling: Our members and other meeting delegates agree not to promote or offer to provide paid services or products to any other member, including any advisory or board services, unless directly requested by another member. As a courtesy and to ensure transparency, all members and guests agree to inform CEO CF of any business relationships with other members.

Reminder : You acknowledge that CEO CF cannot control, monitor or be responsible for the conduct of members and/or Speakers, and that disputes or claims arising out of violations of this pledge shall remain between the disputing parties without liability to CEO CF.

The value of concentration : Please use the designated breaks for cell phones, PDA use, and Internet connection as they must be off during the meeting sessions. Make the time and be on time so sessions can start on time with everyone present. Commit to stay fully engaged and avoid sidebar conversations.

The value of collaboration
To help your fellow members get the most out of the sessions, listen as an ally, build on each others’ ideas and say what you think, avoiding criticism. When you present, do not be defensive, but open and honest about the challenges you face. Take the initiative to ask for advice after your session and be responsive to requests from others. Above all, have fun!