CEO-CF connects three times per year as a community in attractive and unique settings that allow our executives critical time outside their business.

We call it balcony time, the opportunity to expose yourself to new perspectives, key learnings as well as forging new alliances across our community that strengthen you as a leader both personally and professionally. At the heart of the Community Summits are the strategic challenges, where members tackle their most pressing problems through collaboration in their trust groups and across the Forum.

Discovery Days

In addition to the community meetings, we host Discovery Days across different European markets. These Forums provide the opportunity for CEO-CF members to reconnect and to host potential new collaborators who are interested in joining the Forum. These Discovery Days expose guest executives to our community while experiencing the CEO-CF collaborative methodology.

Type of Events

community SUMMITs

> Reconnect with your peers

> Capitals of Europe (Amsterdam, Riga…)

> Spring / Summer / Fall

> Members’ only event


> Network & Connect

> All around Europe (Berlin, London…)

> 4/5 times a year

> Post Round A, ambitious, generous & humble leaders


Events proposed by our members and/or partners to join during the year.