To build trust and cohesion among business leaders, CEO CF decided to bring its collaborative process to other communities and/or companies and enable them to grow understanding among their teams and to accelerate their performance

Experienced CEO CF consultants come to your team, community
of business leaders to deploy CEO Collaboration in order to solve collaboratively strategic challenges you are facing on your path to growth.

Using the proven CEO Collaboration process, they will support your collaborators identify important milestones and elaborate together manageable steps for action.


CEO CF experienced consultants will support the business leaders with the identification and preparation of the challenges they will work on during the live events.


In Trust Groups  dedicated to solve the challenges identified during the coaching sessions. The power of Collaboration comes from harnessing the experience and expertise of peers & experts either online or offline.


From 8 to 50 collaborators, the challenge resolution process will be tailored to your needs. Actionable plans will hold your collaborators accountable to apply their learnings straight to the daily