A quick look back at 2020

Next Thursday,CEO Collaborative Forum will have its Lausanne Discovery Day hosted by EPFL EMBA at the EPFL Innovation Park.


The longest running European EMBA focused on innovation management. Based in Switzerland, at the forefront of global innovation, EPFL’s EMBA is the longest running European EMBA focused on technology and innovation management.

To drive growth in an increasingly fast-changing and interconnected world, leaders must harness innovation while speaking the language of both business and technology.

Since 1998, the hands-on approach of the EPFL EMBA combines innovative thinking with strategic management skills. It equips participants to lead a tech-oriented workforce, foster a culture of innovation and lead businesses from ideas to commercialization.

The in-person course sessions that take place every two weeks are designed to be high-level and as impactful as possible.

Designing and planning your business

A key element of the EPFL EMBA is the development of business plans by teams with the aim to create new ventures or new activities within existing enterprises.

To know more about the EPFL EMBA, visit : EPFL EMBA WEBSITE

You can still register for the Lausanne Discovery Day to get yourself immerge in an intense day of international collaboration.  The event will start at 9:30, next Thursday January 25th.

To register, visit : EVENTBRITE 

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To have more information, contact Stephanie d’Argenlieu : stephanie.dargenlieu@ceo-cf.com

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