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The leading collaboration platform for CEOs in Europe.

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When you bring seasoned CEOs together, amazing things happen.

CEOs all face similar challenges on their path to international
growth. In this unique membership community, CEOs open the
door to each other’s experience. They unlock powerful insights by
giving honest feedback on real issues. And they inspire each other
to think big.

Upcoming events

Lyon Spring meeting
9-11 March 2016
Stockholm Open Day
7 April 2016
Zurich Open Day
12 May 2016
Barcelona Summer meeting
9-10 June 2016

Learn and develop through collaboration

A collaborative peer group provides a strategic advantage for
CEOs competing in the global marketplace. The forum gives
members a place to grow professionally, to build a solid
international network, and to enjoy
lasting friendships.

Why should I join?

Being a CEO is lonely. It is often hard to take some of your pressing
challenges to the members of your board, to your senior management
team, or risk sharing with other individuals who may have a hidden

CEOs join the forum to take part in a community based on trust and
commitment, where you can openly collaborate on challenges you are
facing and gain the wisdom from a diverse group of CEOs.

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How much does it cost in time and money?

900€/Month to be paid ahead and annually.
Contact CEO-CF to learn more about early stage company special discount.

In terms of time commitment, we request that our members attend the 3
Member Only Meetings each year: In the Spring, the Summer and the Fall.
We then offer our members opportunities to attend an array of smaller
regional meetings, networking events and offer coaching throughout
the year.

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What are the benefits to membership with CEO-CF?

24/7 connections to the community

As a member of CEO-CF you have access to support from all members of the community. At any time in the year you can reach out to our member services team with a request for assistance from members or our coaches.

Being a Member of a Native Group

Upon joining CEO-CF you will be placed into a diverse Native Group consisting of approximately 12 members from different nationalities and industries. Each group convenes three times a year for a two-and-a-half day meeting and are available to assist you between meetings when needed.


We provide all members with a well-matched coach who will help prepare and guide you with your challenges and provide support and advice throughout the year.

Presenting Member Challenges

At each of the three member meetings, CEO-CF focuses on working through Member Challenges (MCs), where each CEO presents a pressing strategic problem to the peer group and receives strong, concrete recommendations in return.
The MCs follow a strict format designed to elicit the strongest, most focused advice.

Presenting Member Issues

At a CEO-CF meeting, Members have one-minute in front of the entire CEO-CF community to present a Member issue (MI). This is a direct request to the community. In return, members of the community make brief inquiries and then raise a green card if they think they can offer the presenter help.

Presenting Virtual Member Challenges

We understand that strategic problems can happen at any time of the year, and not just at the time of a CEO-CF Meeting. This is why we also provide Virtual Member Challenges (VMCs) to our members in between member meetings. Our Member Services team will coordinate a group from the CEO-CF community to carry out your Member Challenge virtually.

Member Benefits

What members are saying about the forum

The forum is one of the most
enlightening business experiences I
have had for many years, and the
gems of wisdom collected will remain
with me for a quite a long time
It’s not only about sharing business
challenges with your peers but also
about exposing your fragilities, and
minimizing their impact on business
and life.
Becoming a member exceeded my
expectations, not only as I received
valuable feedback from the other
members, but also in stepping back I
discovered I had become too narrow
in my approach.
This approach to solving challenges
opens your eyes to the reality that
your situation is not unique, and
dealing with those issues with the
benefit of the reflections of other
CEOs really helps.

The secret sauce…

Our CEO collaboration methodology.

This is our tried and true approach to framing the strategic challenges we face as CEOs. Our format elicits the strong feedback that only seasoned CEOs can give. Our members want to solve executive issues even when they’re not their own. Our method allows them to share their experience with each other while getting straight to the point. Your peers expect you to be honest and direct. Participants learn by giving and receiving concrete recommendations. And we don't let you leave the room without an action plan.

Here's a video on how it works.