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Joerg Sievert Tech Growth Summit 2013

Powered by CEO-CF recently collaborated with the President of this year’s Tech Growth Summit,  Joerg Sievert,  to deliver a meaningful event for a unique group of CEOs.  Joerg Sievert, Partner at SAP Ventures, is also a member of CEO Collaborative Forum making this a special collaboration for CEO-CF.

On September 23, 2013 a group of Europe’s top CEOs met privately in Berlin to exchange views via round table discussions and to mentor each other on best practices. These exclusive discussions at the CEO only portion of the event were led by CEO-CF members Jeff Clark and Woody Allen.

What CEOs who participated are saying…

“Fantastic event !! Very Motivational… I’m not alone.”

“Very good session, facilitators were excellent.”

 …and why they enjoyed their experience…

“The willingness of all participants to focus on another person’s problem, honestly.”

“Meeting and learning from high level CEOs.”

“Sharing the experience with entrepreneurs with different background, geographies and growth paths”

“Listening to war stories”

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