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Podcasts | Equity

Podcasts by TechCrunch – Equity

  #Equity takes deep dives into the hottest  #techindustries, but you can also ear a debate about the news behind the launches, rounds and public debuts of the companies making waves.


September 2021

Ecosystem | Austria 

Austria Ecosystem is one to watch in 2021

This year represents a landmark year for the country: the emergence of the country’s first tech unicorns — companies valued at more than $1bn — and many other sizeable fundraising point to money and talent flowing into the country.  CEO Collaborative Forum is looking forward to knowing more about Austria’s landscape during our Winter Meeting in Vienna, December 2021. 

Financial Times

September 2021

Mental Health | Emotional resilience | 

Experts are offering 2 competing words for your current blah feeling : Are you Languishing or Dormant? 

Languishing? Dormant? Wintering? Science shows that having the exact term for your state of mind helps you come up with the best concrete strategy to cope with it.

May 2021

Experience sharing | Entrepreneurs | Startup 

I just raised $30 million. Here are 4 questions I wish I’d asked before I started my business. 

Being your own boss, following your passion – that are some of the reasons to start your business. Aspiring entrepreneurs should not neglect thinking about these four questions before starting their business – a reflection shared by a successful founder.

May 2021

Fintech | Going Public | Startup Life

Considering an IPO? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself first. 

IPO does not only bring access to new capital but also means a huge increase in public visibility which brings reputanional risks and challenges.

May 2021

Leadership | Culture | Motivating people

Laugh more, Lead better

“Humor is a superpower in business, now more than ever”. Introduction of the science and benefits of leading with laughter in business settings and a new world of remote interactions. 

McKinsey & Company

April 2021

Communication | Team | HR

Redefining the wall between Executives and employees

Communication is a Formula 1 car – the faster and more powerful you are compared to your environment and competition – as long as you avoid walls.

January 2021

Collaboration | Innovation | Acculturation | Dedication

When Do We Really Need Face-to-Face Interactions?
Harvard Business Review

January 2021

Sustainability | I nnovation | Le adership

Listen to voices unheard

Why listen to markets, to customers, to partners and to the earth will create the change we all need.It is not only about growing numbers. 

Jacqueline Novogratz

February 2021

CEOs | Leadership | Values

2021 CEO Study – Find your essential: How to thrive in a post-pandemic reality

What will it take for leader to be essential in the near future? The IBM Institute for Business Value shares its surprising discoveries on how top global CEOs envision the coming, new era we are all facing. Where they put #priorities, where they see #advantages and what #lessons have been learnt.

IBM Institute for Business Value

March 2021

Fundraising | Startup | Experience Sharing

5 questions you should ask to determine if an investor is the right fit for you

Finding an investor is not only raising capital, but building a relationship with a future partner. Answering these questions will help you find the right fit.

January 2021

Team | Leadership | Startup | 2021

5 Traits to look for when building your team in 2021

“Human capital in a startup is one of its most important assets. To build a successful company requires hiring people that you trust to make decisions for the company as it scales…”

January 2021

GEO-Political | World news | 2021

GEO-Political issues to watch in 2021

2021 is still uncertain, but one thing is sure: your team’s cohesion and talent strategy must be healthy to make your business a better place.

Mike Rosenberg, IESE Professor

January 2021

Business model | Pivoting | Change management

What does a post-COVID business look alike? 

According to reports, we will see record numbers of new startups in 2021. But as we enter a post-COVID-19 era, how will these new businesses differ from startups that launched two years ago?

February 2021

Leadership | Company culture | Managing people

3 Pressing Challenges CEOs face heading into 2021

2021 is still uncertain, but one thing is sure: your team’s cohesion and talent strategy must be healthy to make your business a better place.

December 2020

Pause | Mental Health

4 reasons a retreat into nature will increase productivity

We have to social distance but we don’t have to “nature distance”…. See below how trees and fresh air make you slow down to ultimately speed up.

January 2021

Leadership | Crisis management | Growth | Learning

The four universal traits we want from leaders during crisis

How to transform adversity into growth, collaboration and innovation? Discover what leaders need during crisis.

January 2021

Leadership | Pivot | Learning | Team

How to turn the tide in the New Year by learning from the last

How to embrace strength, collective leadership and truth telling in our challenging times.

January 2021

COVID19 | Geopolitics | Climate Change

Covid-19’s impacts on the future

“The global pandemic (…) which began more than one year ago is shaping the world we will live in after it has run its course or been brought under control.” 

Mike Rosenberg, IESE Business School

January 2021

Innovations | Tech | CES

Highlights from CES 2021

CES 2021 is over. Here is a summary of this year’s highlights.

January 2021

Leadership | Crisis Management | Emotions

What the Stockdale paradox tells us about crisis leadership

The Stockdale paradox and survival psychology contain wisdom for how leader manage the coronavirus crisis. 

Harvard Business School Article

August 2020

COVID19 | Policy

Personal Tracking Apps 
The Butterfly Effect

The end of our most basic freedom : the freedom of movement? 

Deep Parekh, PHD & Constantin Pavleas

May 2020

COVID19 | Financial | Entrepreneurship

Five tips for entrepreneurs to manage their cash during this crisis

An interview with a financial expert, IESE professor and book author.

Deep Parekh, PHD & David Frodsham

March 2020

Financial | Entrepreneurship | Debt

Clubs, Covenants, Mezzanines, a Guide to Private Debt

Bloomberg Article

Kelsey Butler, Rachel McGovern, Paula Sambo

January 2020

CEO-CF Members News

Webinar | Health 

Webinar with Scailyte 
November 4th – 3:00PM CEST

Join Scailyte’s webinar to learn why single-cell technologies are vital for Endometriosis research with Pro.Dr Michael D. Mueller who is an expert in endometriosis and women’s health. 

October 2021

New position | Success Story

Aryballe appoints Pierre Chauvineau as their new Chairman.

As the pioneer in digital olfaction, Aryballe’s board provides the company with business and technological guidance based on combined decades of digital technology, healthcare, science, and consumer executive experience.

We wish Sam Guilaume and Pierre ChauvineauPierre Chauvineau all the best in this new venture together!

September 2021

Alumni | Successful Listing  | Stock Exchange

BABBEL listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange List!

Congratulations to  Markus Witte, alumni and Founder of  Babbel, who are preparing to list on the  #FrankfurtStockExchange in a  #deal expected to value it at more than 1 billion euros ($1.19 billion). The  #company is expecting  #sales of more than 200 million euros this year leveraging the increase of online courses during COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

September 2021

Congratulations | Innovation

Scailyte AG in the #TOP100 Swiss Startups

Scailyte AG was recognized as one of the  #TOP100 Swiss Startups 2021 for the third consecutive year. Congratulations to  Peter Nestorov and his team, we’re sure you will go far !

September 2021

Experience sharing | Innovation | Collaboration

Insight from Adrian O’Connor, CEO at Benetel. 

Member Adrian O’Connor , CEO of Benetel will share his insights during a panel discuss on wireless connectivity and small cells during Small Cells World Summit on 11-13 May. 

May 2021

Innovation | Medtech | Evolution 

“What we are presenting today is the result of an evolution started years ago.”

Interview given by Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, CEO of Debiotech. 

May 2021

Online Session | Community

Online Collaborative Day 3rd Edition

The Online Collaborative Session happened last Friday 9th April. A great time to reconnect, share challenges and knowledge… 

April 2021

COOLaboration | Newsletter

COOLaboration #3 💡

Energy is what entrepreneurs and CEOs need to move further. Energy is also what CEO Collaborative Forum wants to share with you through “Coolaboration” #3

April 2021

Business | Innovation

Interview with Sam Guilaume, CEO of Aryballe

The future is now: Sam Guilaumé of Aryballe on how their technological innovation will shake up our sense of smell. 

March 2021

Digital Experience | Digital transformation | Innovation

2021: The year when OpenRAN becomes mainstream

Member  Adrian O’Connor, CEO of  Benetel explains their strategy and positioning supporting RAN technology for expanding and growing deployment of 5G.

March 2021

Road to success | Growth | Leadership

Startups attract prominent leaders to their board of directors

Member  Peter Nestorov and  Scailyte AG have attracted the co-founder of Ava Woman to their board of directors.

February 2021

Digital Experience | Growth | Leadership

Congrats Peter Kalmar! 

We are happy for member  Peter Kalmar and his team at  Webtown for their nomination as one of the 5 exclusive Liferay Multinational Platinum Partners Congratulations!

March 2021

COOLaboration | Newsletter

What is COOLaboration? 💡

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March 2021

Experts’ Insight | Executive Search | HR | Post Covid

Interview with Lucy Rayden

We asked our Partner Lucy Rayden, Co-Founder of Insight Technology Search to share her expertise about the challenges in finding and hiring the best talents following the significants changes due to Covid19.

February 2021

Webinar | ESG | Data strategy 

Lunch Webinar Session with Deep Parekh & JUVO

In a joint session with JUVO founded by member Lodewijk Babi and Deep Parekh, PhD introduces ESG. A session where you will learn key measurement considerations for ESG factors and how ESG can be part of your data strategy to continuously track key factors.

16 MARCH 2021 | 12:30 – 13:30

Innovation | Sustainability Leaders | Serial Entrepreneur

Karibou – The Packaging Revolution

Congrats to alumnus Xavier Pinosa who launched the first single-use ecological package business Karibou. 

February 2021

Medical | Communication | Growth

The importance of communication during this pandemic era

Kudos to alumnus Chris Winchester and his team at Oxford PharmaGenesis for being listed as one of the top 200 fastest-growing UK companies 

February 2021

Innovation | Leadership | Momentum

Hand Sanitizer named “2020 Odor of the Year”

Member Sam Guilaume, CEO of Aryballe casted a poll for the odor of the year 2020 – here are the not so astonishing results and forecasts for 2021

January 2021

Congratulations | Fundraising | Equity

Sequana Medical successfully raises 19 million in an Equity placement

Member Pierre Chauvineau & Chairman of Sequana Medical NV just completed a fund raise of 19M€. Congratulations to the whole team! 

February 2021

Data protection | Encryption

Business can’t afford to lose trust in the encrypted economy and neither can you

Member Istvan Lam, CEO of Tresorit about anti-encryption push by EU lawmakers and its risks for businesses and citizens. 

January 2021

New brand | Congratulations 

Pewatron AG becomes ANGST+PFISTER SENSORS and Power

Member Thomas Roettinger, “with the new brand Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power, we are underlining the importance of sensors and power electronics as the cornestone of our growth strategy.” (article in german)

January 2021

Fintech | Congratulations 

Congratulations to Michael Sharples for the sell of Active Payments

Member Michael Sharples’ payment business Active Payments has been successfully sold this week and integrated into DNA Payments roll up strategy. 

January 2021

Fundraising | VC | Investments | Venture Capital

A portait of Consilience Ventures by Maddyness UK

Eliminating an obsession with fundraising: a portait of Consilience Ventures to understand VC market network. 

November 2020

Innovation | Perseverance | Medical Devices

Major Milestone for Arnaud Mascarell, FineHeart

Arnaud Mascarell and his team @FineHeart achieve major milestone for ICOMS marching towards first-in-human transplantation. 

January 2021

Start-up | Food Tech


Sam Guilaume, Aryballe have been recognised as an Emerging start-up “Minicorn” by Tracxn Food Tech Industry

January 2021

Innovation | Leadership

New label for Cailabs & Jean-François Morizur

Jean-François Morizur, Cailabs received the UAF label confirming the use of their innovative solutions by the French Army. 

November 2020

Financial | Fundraising

£100m raised for ZZoomm

Matthew Hare, ZZoomm raised £100m to accelerate its full fibre build across UK

September 2020

Get to know our Members!

Podcast with Istvan Lam, CEO of Tresorit

Podcast with Jean-François Morizur , CEO of Cailabs

Podcast with Peter Nestorov CEO of Scailyte

Members’ portraits

Béla Kakuk

BPiON Services

Lucy Rayden

Insight Technology Search

Etienne Touzain

Bergoz Instrumentation

Richard Booth

Altus Group

Tobias Kaulfuss

Citadelle systems 

Radouane Oudrhiri

Consilience Ventures

Joe Booth

Altus Group

Jocelyne Wasselin


Constantin Pavleas

Pavleas Avocats

Erno Duda

Solvo Biotechnology

Lodewijk Babi


Peter Kalmar

Webtown Informatika

Arnaud Mascarell


Oyvind Henriksen


Aleksander Farstad

Assetto Capital

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