A quick look back at 2020

Despite the riots in the city all attendants bravely flew in for great moments of collaboration, reflection, learning and fun.

20 CEO Challenges where members showed once more how one can open up in a trusted group of people and how to reflect and give feedback on subjects out of their usual environment, private and professional.

Trudie Lobban is one of those persons transforming personal experience in a passionate professional project by founding Arrhythmia Alliance, a charity raising awareness and campaigning for the improved detection and care of heart rhythm disorders. We are happy to have her with us for a year for experience sharing and collaboration.

In the same stream of Giving-back 4 young, talented entrepreneurs, exec MBA students have been invited to join our CEOs for the 2 days. They contributed bringing fresh outside views to the working sessions and could get some learnings from the more experienced CEOs in their groups.

CEO-CF had conveyed three talented advisors from Body@work, a Hungarian coaching initiative focusing on building trust and confidence through physical positioning of our bodies in relation to different themes. They kicked of the meeting with improvisational exercises and provided a more in-depth session about control and our reactions to it.

Members Polo Looser, Keith Cornell, Anders von Bonsdorff, Kimmo Irpola and Sam Guilaumé set up a members-for-members panel discussion sharing their own experiences of the different phases of Boards in relation to your company stage and needs. In this interactive session attendants were asked to work in small groups before exchanging questions, experiences and opinions with the panellists.

In parallel Timm Urschinger, who has decided to become a member after his CEO-CF experience, did a workshop about self-managed organizations. Attendants challenged him on the TEAL model and the discussion became lively and animated.

we were lucky to have Prof. Mike Rosenberg, lecturer at IESE as our keynote speaker on Friday morning. He gave a highly interesting conference about the rise of Asian economy, the why and how it will inevitably occur.

His speech elevated discussions from a micro- to a macroeconomic level and stimulated the whole group, helping us to reflect broader.

To stimulate other parts than the brains all attendants were conveyed to a foosball competition before heading for dinner. You could see that competition is in their DNA – full implication to win “the Copa del Jefe” from all groups; Group 3 made it this time, but there will be time and place for another measuring-of-forces during the next meeting.

As usual the 2 days went by quickly and despite a strike at Barcelona airport everybody could get home safe and sound, filled with positive energy having added another brick to the CEO-CF member building.

Thank you all for you good mood and collaborative spirit – we are very much looking forward to seeing everybody in Malta for the Spring meeting on Feb 12-14.

View the Fall Meeting pictures here!



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