In order to give startup CEOs the opportunity to be part of the CEO-CF community and benefit from the learnings received through the unique challenge methodology, we are launching CEO-CF Start as a first point of entry into the larger community in collaboration with Kim Arazi. 

The objective of creating this startup cohort is to give first time Startup CEOs, including those running impact businesses, the opportunity to be part of an exclusive group of ambitious leaders where they will openly collaborate with peers, ask for and receive advice, share their experiences, learn something new, leave with actionable strategies and form a bond with a trusted group of like-minded people. 

Most startup CEOs face similar challenges as they raise capital, make decisions about their teams and markets, and scale-up, but seldom do they have the opportunity to open up and share their struggles, challenges and concerns and learn from other CEOs’ experiences in a trusted environment.

This carefully selected cohort of 12 London-based, Series A-funded Startup CEOs will be part of a dedicated programme that will run for one year, meeting in person once per quarter for a ‘challenge day’ where they will each have the opportunity to present their challenge to the group and participate in the CEO-CF unique methodology, giving and receiving recommendations to and from peers and also hearing the personal experiences of a seasoned CEO from CEO-CF.

In addition, as part of this cohort, they will have the opportunity to attend one CEO-CF international meeting during the year where they can meet and network with the CEO-CF community.

The London cohort will be managed by Kim Arazi, certified by CEO-CF and each challenge day will be co-facilitated by Kim and one member from the CEO-CF community, who will be able to share his/her expertise growing, scaling and exiting companies.

  • Time Commitment: 4 days per year (one per quarter) plus preparation time before presenting a challenge
  • Start Date: Spring 2020
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