Matthew Hare, CEO of Gigaclear and CEO-CF member, has a lot to be proud of. “Gigaclear […]
Congratulations to CEO-CF Member Julia Bosch, CEO of Outfittery, who has raised a “mid seven euro […]
CEO-CF CBM Member Eivind Bergsmyr has graduated as Norway’s first and only Kauffman Fellow. Congratulations, Eivind! The […]
Congratulations to CEO-CF CEO Member Michael Altendorf, CEO of ADTELLIGENCE whose company was awarded  Technology Pioneer 2014 by World […]
Congratulations to CEO-CF member Dusan Stojanovic, who was recognised as the ‘Business Angel of the Year’ […]
Congratulations to new CEO-CF member Pierre Jérôme with SpineGuard. Based on an initial stock price of €7.29 per […]
Deep presented on Building A Resilient Entrepreneur at the innovative event, focused on learning from failures and misfires by […]
Performance Buildings received the 2013 award for Best Cloud Startup by EuroCloudSwiss, the association for the […]
Congratulations to member Markus Witte, CEO of language learning startup Babbel, which has raised $10 million in its […]
According to CEO-CF member Tomas Kratochvil, Moravia’s CEO, the record is a result of explosive growth […]
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