Preparing the “Summer Community Meeting” in Finland was like preparing a road trip in the Himalaya. […]
Chestnote, make messages matter On the 19 & 20 July, unbound London will welcome 5,000 founders, entrepreneurs, investors, […]
Deep Parekh and Polo Looser from Asteroidea were invited to present in Belfast yesterday at a […]
    Congratulations to Dr. Fredrick Thafvelin and his Rethinking Care team for making its IPO […]
Congratulations to Jo Robrechts, Executive Chairman of Triamant and CEO-CF member, on the announcement that the […]
Congratulations to Erik Fjellborg and Andreas Kemi of Quinyx, which has just secured $14m in investment from Alfvén & Didrikson! Fjellborg, Quinyx […]
Congratulations to Peter Sasi and Zoltan Bruckner of Multipass Solutions limited for winning the award for […]
Congratulations to MatthewHare, Chief Executive of Gigaclear, on the announcement that the company aims to go […]
Congratulations to Matthew Hare, Chief Executive of Gigaclear, on the company’s successful completion on a new […]
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