A quick look back at 2020

“This has been a mind re-set, full of refreshing exchanges”

We kicked off the December 5th Collaborative Academy event with a Members Morning, bringing 12 CEO-CF members together to ask and answer tough questions, and create SMART action plans to solve business challenges.

Our members tackled market segment analysis and focus, growth acceleration “tips and traps” when dealing with investors, and more. Not bad before lunch!

Our afternoon program with Europe Unlimited focused on creating – and challenging – financing wisdom in advance of the European Venture Summit.

In addition to problem-solving ideas & expertise from top entrepreneurs and investors, CEO-CF Member Joerg Sievert (SAP Ventures) presented “The Top 10 Reasons I Would Not Invest in Your Company”, and attendees made strategic connections to expand their networks.

Thanks to Europe Unlimited, Ahoy Berlin, and the many CEO-CF members and guests who contributed to a powerful event.


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