A quick look back at 2020

Finally the Fall Meeting was on!

After weeks and weeks of preparation we headed South to TheCamp, our venue only opened one month before the event to discover this stunning place in the heart of Provence.

Sun, blue sky and the famous “Mistral” wind welcomed us there. This cold wind coming from the North is said to drive you crazy. Therefore, an old proverb stipulates that crimes committed after 27 days of uninterrupted “Mistral” won’t be punished – we did not have the opportunity to verify – not enough time and no crime ….

CEO-CF must have been one of the first groups they hosted and it was thrilling –sometimes difficult – to be part of this new adventure; it coupled well with the innovation spirit of our members and guests.

After a first glass at the Bar, Christian’s informal welcoming speech – without slides and notes this time – opened our appetite for the “show cooking experience” at TheCamp’s Restaurant.